Monday, October 29, 2007


We took a trip to California for Fall Break. My parents and all of my sisters came and we all stayed in the same suite. It was so much fun!! My brothers couldn't come, but Adina brought Canaya. Relaxing would not be the right word for this vacation, but we didn't expect that because children were involved. We played hard every day! Monday we went to Universal Studios, which I loved, but it was a little much for the kids, what with the fire and destruction and all (note the picture of James with his eyes closed). Amy said the Mummy ride was fine for Marinne, but the poor child was almost in tears when it was over. That one was a little too scary for me! I have to mention that we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp that night, and it was delicious! Tuesday was Sea World, which was fun because the kids have never been, but amen to Sally's comment about the superfluous cheese at the Shamu Show! We were pretty wet the whole day, since every ride is about being soaked! Wednesday, we went to Huntington Beach and ate at The Sugar Shack (highly recommended) for breakfast. That night Ray and my dad joined us. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent at California Adventure and Disneyland, and yes, those are matching shirts in the pictures, because each family had to come up with their own shirts for a little contest Bethany instigated. It was far too crowded, but we had fun anyway! James was freaked out by every ride there except the Buzz Lightyear ride. Why do you end up in Hell on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride? Friday night was my mom's birthday, so we went to "Wicked"! It was a jam packed adventure with lots of loud family members and yummy food. What more could we ask for? Pure fun in true Smith fashion!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grandma Grace

My Grandma Grace passed away, and last Thursday was her funeral. I flew to Utah, and Ray stayed home with the kids. I have great childhood memories of visiting her house, and of her coming to visit us. I was born on her birthday and have always felt a special connection to her. She was a great example of living the Gospel. The funeral went really well, and the casket and flowers were beautiful. I am so grateful for my knowledge of life after death, because it makes me so happy for her. Even though we're sad not to see her anymore, I know she is glad to be reunited with my grandpa and her other family and friends. My mom did a wonderful job taking care of her for the last seven years. I know she will be greatly blessed for this sacrifice, and I admire her for all she did. The funeral made me reflect on what really matters, and I hope I can improve my focus on those things.