Friday, December 14, 2007

Gingerbread Houses

For FHE a couple weeks ago (that's how bad I am at updating this) we made ginger bread houses out of graham crackers. They were really easy to "build" because the icing is just like glue. I wanted to leave them out until Christmas for decorations, but as I suspected, many of them have suffered roof dammage and are missing their gumdrop shingles. Too hard for the kids to resist, I guess! Oh well, they were fun to make. I was quite impressed with Ray's skill. He had a masterpiece finished in no time at all. He says his mom trained him well. The kids also had fun decorating our "hodge-podge" tree. Many times I have thought about having a "put together" tree with matching ornaments and everything placed symmetrically, but I have decided I like our crazy tree, with ornaments ranging from a gold Navoo Temple to Chewbacca holding his weapon! Someday soon enough I'll have my perfect tree, but while the kids are little this one is just right. We decorated the tree right after Thanksgiving and only one ornament has been busted so far! We're doing great!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!

Last Saturday I took all of the children shopping and it will NEVER happen again! I wouldn't have done it, but it was necessary because all of them needed new Sunday shoes and clothes, and you can't buy shoes without trying them on. Whoever is in the kids' Sunday shoe making business is filthy rich , because have you noticed that new ones get tight much faster than tennis shoes or any other kind of shoe? I feel like every Sunday we are cramming the kids' feet into their shoes while they complain that they don't fit anymore. Then I reply, "We just got these so you have to wear them one more week". We then forget they are too tight until the following Sunday when we shove them on yet again! Finally, I went to buy some new ones, and in the future I will take each child individually, because the adventure was more than I could handle! It took forever for everyone to A) find shoes they liked, and B) find the right fit. We then took even longer picking out Sunday clothes, and a lady that worked there had to tell Blake and James to "Settle down!" because they were wrestling in the aisle. We finally made it up to pay, and after the cashier began ringing up our purchases, I realize that Blake no longer has the shirt and tie I mistakenly let him carry. So, we leave our stuff and retrace our steps around the entire store to hunt down the missing items. We then go BACK to the register. Yeah! we can get out of here now, right? WRONG! Marinne chose her own Sunday shoes and placed two different sizes in the box! Are you kidding? We leave the register AGAIN and go back to the shoes to search through the boxes for the right size, which is, of course, no where to be found. We end up getting a matching pair of the next size up, (they get tight again all to quickly anyway, right?) and finally pay the cashier (third time's a charm), who no doubt thinks we are the craziest bunch he's ever seen!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Belated Thanksgiving Thoughts

After loading my cart with 10 cartons of cool whip, oodles of fruit cocktail, and the last 10 boxes of pistachio pudding in the store (I needed these items to make the biggest batch of Thanksgiving "Shluff" you have ever seen), I heard the cashier asking the man bagging the groceries what he was doing for Thanksgiving. He replied that he wasn't doing anything because he had no family. He said, " I think I have a half brother somewhere, but I don't know him". This just struck me and I was so sad for him. I almost went back in the store to see if he wanted to come to our Thanksgiving. Too bad the world is so messed up that you can't really safely do something like that. This little experience made me count my blessings! Our thanksgiving included around eighty people this year! It was a huge Smith reunion and we ate Thanksgiving dinner outside in my parents back yard. My dad had to rent an outhouse so their septic tank wouldn't be over loaded. A bit "white trash", I know, but I am grateful to have such a huge family! My Grandma Smith has 44 grandchildren and 56 great-grandchildren (half of my cousins haven't even started having kids yet). My dad even set up a big screen in the back yard to watch the talent DVDs each family made. Amy made ours, of course, and it was the best! We played lots of "Settlers" and ate lots of food!