Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hammond Halloween 2010

 It was another fun Halloween at the Hammond house!
 Ray and I were Edwina and H.I. McDunnough from Raising Arizona.  I'm sure the people who haven't seen the movie were confused, but the ones who had seen it got who we were!
 We had friends and family over for our annual Halloween party.  We order bread bowls that look like pumpkins, and have soup and chili.
Here are the people who came:
 The other Hammonds
She was a cleaning lady, and he was Mr. Clean!
 Tim and boys (sad that the rest of their fam couldn't come)
Buff and Blake (costumes made by Bethany herself)
 My parents were there too, but I never got a picture of them:(

 Marinne was a witch.
 James was a prisoner.
 Blake was a fellow inmate.

 Brynlee was Cindy Lou Who (another one that some people didn't get, but I thought it was a cute idea)
I covered a pumpkin bucket to make it look like a Christmas ornament.
 Ray's jack-o-lantern served as a great good luck charm, and The Giants won the World Series!
 The kids sorting and trading candy.
 Jordan and Karin always make the best doughnuts from scratch for the party!