Thursday, November 15, 2007

WARNING: contents may be smaller than they appear on box!

A few Mondays ago, I decided to pick up a quick F.H.E. treat from the grocery store. These Reeses peanut butter bars looked tasty and easy, so I grabbed them and brought them home. Upon looking closer at the box, I saw the words "Convenient Pan Inside!". Pan inside where? Surely there isn't a pan inside this tiny box! Well, as you can see in the picture, sure enough there is a miniscule pan in the box. I just had to share all of this because it was so comical to me how little dessert this actually made. This is not enough for an entire family! I laughed the whole time I was making it because I felt like I was making an easy bake oven recipe with itty bitty pouches of ingredients. The bars on the box are misleading! Don't be fooled! So, just for fun I looked at the number of servings Betty Crocker thinks you should get out of this... 15! Can you see any way to get 15 bars out of this pan? This is more like a personal pan Reeses bar, if you ask me, which they obviously didn't. I do realize I can eat more than the average Joe, but this was a cruel joke!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


We had our annual Halloween party with pumpkin bread bowls and soup, and this year Karin made doughnuts from scratch! They were delicious! Blake was a skeleton, Marinne was The Corpse Bride, and James was a Fireman. Poor baby Matthew did a face plant on our porch, and Marinne had a meltdown when she lost her spider ring, but other than that, things went swimmingly. Hey, we felt lucky that no one barfed this year! (Last year Blake threw up all over the stairs while our guests ate their soup)! Ray made a commemorative jack-o-lantern, as you can see in the picture.