Monday, May 19, 2008

Dance Recital

Saturday was our spring dance recital, and I am feeling relieved that it's done! Thankfully, everything went smoothly and the dancers did well. At our fair performance, we had technical difficulties and the music wouldn't work. It was a nightmare and I was sweating bullets till it got fixed. The recital was way better in every way, so I'm happy! If you want to see a slide show from the performance, go to our dance blog:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mr. James

James just had his preschool graduation and a singing performance. He did very well at both, and is quite the performer! He knew all the words to his songs and sang nice and loud.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rocky Point

This last weekend we went to Rocky Point with my parents, Amy & fam, Steven & fam, and Natalli. In the past we have rented a motor home, but this year brought a tent instead. My vote is for the motor home in the future. It was still really fun and the kids just lived in the water all day every day. I, of course especially enjoyed the food - mango on a stick, lime and coconut popsicles, potato tacos, shrimp and fish, and hot churros fresh out of the grease! It was nice to get away for a few days and not think about real life! While searching for sea creatures, my mom called everyone over to see her amazing find... "It's some sort of jelly fish with glitter on it, and it's alive!", she said. We hurry over to see this: a fishing lure! Keep looking, Mom!

Cousin Landon supports the wrong team. Go Cougars!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rock Band Party

Some friends in the ward had a Rock Band Party Fri. night, so here are the pics. Unfortunately we could not dress up because of the flat tire incident mentioned in the previous post :( Don't worry, Ray is holding ROOTbeer, even though his expression suggests otherwise!

Just Our Luck

We've had a little streak of bad luck this week (or is it this decade?). I was supposed to have my first appointment with the o.b. on Thursday, but upon arriving at the office was informed that the doc was stuck at the hospital for an emergency c-section. Furthermore, the soonest she can re-schedule is May 21st. Are you kidding? Three more weeks? She's a popular "gyn-ee" but c'mon! I'm 12 weeks now, so that puts my first visit at 15 weeks - nice! I believe it was the same day that our washing machine decided to stop functioning BEFORE the drain cycle, leaving nasty water to fester in the machine. For some reason it was very difficult to unhook it from the wall and when we finally did get it out and put it on the dolly, it had a flat tire, making water slosh out all over the laundry room and garage. Needless to say, our house smelled like the bog of eternal stench for a few days during this process. (Aren't we glad we have The Labyrinth in our pool of knowledge? Amy recently compared her son to the worm in that movie). We went to look at new washers, and picked one out, only to discover it was on back order and couldn't be delivered until the 16th. AWESOME! We never reach the bottom of the laundry baskets WITH a functioning washing machine, so I'd hate to see the results of waiting another few weeks! After wasting all that time in the store (while all three kids touched every appliance and at least one of them rolled around on the ground), we made it out to discover a flat tire on the van! The whole fam then got to sit at the auto place while they extracted the top of some fingernail clippers from the tire and repaired it, thus making us embarrassingly late for our "Rock Band" party that night.