Thursday, September 27, 2007


So, Melanie tagged me and now I get to share 7 things about me...

1. I Love Food! All of you already know this, but I can compete with the best of them (even large men) when it comes to eating huge portions. At least I never wasted a date's money when he took me out to eat! I realize this is not a great habit, especially since it seems way harder after 30 to maintain any sort of figure! I think I tried doing the Weight Watchers' point system for about one day before I said, "I'm HUNGRY!!! Forget this!". My mom was way more dedicated and lost a bunch of weight. I just enjoy my food tooooo much! I really don't get those people who eat just because they have to or they'll die. I love going out to restaurants and trying new food. In China, my friends would have me taste everything first and tell them what it was like. The only food I really dislike is spaghetti, so my poor kids never get it for dinner. My favorite foods include but are not limited to the following: anything cinnamon, great Chinese food, cheesecake (& anything made with cream cheese), green olives, Cafe Rio salads (sweet pork), Cafe Rio key lime pie, shrimp, crab legs dipped in melted butter, and lately I just love Greek food like pitas and hummus, yum! O.K., I may never get to number 2 unless I stop now.

2. I am completely uncoordinated when it comes to sports! I have always been more inclined to duck than catch flying objects. It comes down to lack of hand-eye coordination. P.E. was a nightmare for me! A date once took me to play raquetball and told me I just looked like I was dancing around instead of playing. I really wish I was more skilled, because I'm sure sports are fun for those who actually make contact with the ball. Maybe in the next life...

3. I love being outside. I'm glad it's finally cooling off here so we can go outside more! (sad when cooling off means were down to 95 degrees). I really enjoy camping and hiking and I don't mind getting dirty and roughing it.

4. I was very last in the hair line in heaven! All of the thick, long beautiful hair had already been handed out, so I got a few strands of thin, flat, leftover hair that will plague me till I die. Oh well, I really do try not to complain about shallow things that I cannot change. Things like this keep us humble, right?

5. I love going to Broadway plays! Here's a list of the ones I've seen: Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and most recently, Wicked, which I am seeing again in two weeks!

6. I am a very deep thinker and tend to analyze and over-analyze everything. This can lead to worrying about things I don't need to worry about, and I'm trying to work on this. I tend to think of the worst case scenario and let my imagination run wild until I've created this huge problem in my mind that may or may not ever really happen. I know, I'm a little crazy! I think pondering a lot has a good side, too and I really have learned so much by taking time to be still and reflect on my life.

7. Here's a list of some of my favorite movies: Anne of Green Gables, Count of Monte Cristo, Pride and Prejudice (A&E version), Awakenings, Deceived, It's A Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, Meet the Parents, and from my youth: Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Better Off Dead, & Parent Trap (the old one). We had a parrot who could whistle that entire song from Parent Trap, because we watched it so much as kids.

So, now I'm supposed to tag some people, but most of the people I know have already done this. I tag Karin and Kris, since I don't think they have.


Sally said...

Hey Cougie, I didn't know some of those things about you! Good job. Here's one to try: 10 things you save on, and 10 things you splurge on. I'm curious. I will do it do when I get some time. It's one I've been meaning to do for awhile, just as soon as I can think of 10 things to save on! You know I prefer to spend. :)

Bitter Larry said...

1) Not long ago I heard you say you weren't hungry.
2) So what's it called that you have, foot-brain coordination?
3) Good thing you married the rugged outdoors/hunting type. I think we did go camping with you guys like 10 years ago.
4) I was far behind you in the hair line.
5) Do they sell season passes to Wicked?
6) I over-analyze things too. Like yesterday, I was watching King King, and I was wondering how they picked him up and got him into the boat.
7) You forgot Bon Voyage.

Shums said...

i challenge you to an eating duel, i will win of course. i am the fat sister remember?! Not for long though... mom has talked me into trying the Reliv diet.

Sariah,Chief Editor said...

Hey EmmaLee!
I was just on Heather's blog and noticed you were on her links and thought I would take a peek. :) What a cute family! I just had a little one get baptized too, we are getting old aren't we. :) Glad things are going well for you. Are you teaching dance at all? I'll have to keep checking in on you every once in awhile. Take care!

vinyl dreams said...

The fact that Deceived is one of your favorite movies brought back tons of memories! I remember going to see that 4 weekend on a row with Sarah. Anyway, I'm jeal you're seeing Wicked again. I didn't know that. Is it here in town?

Shums said...

thank you! I knew I was spelling it wrong, but could NOT figure out what the word really was. I just spelled it phonetically. I never knew that's how it was supposed to be pronounced either!

Dick Smith said...

heya sis,
i'm surprised we have so much in common (besides the homo movies), and i will eat you and darling amy under the table any day of the week.