Monday, April 7, 2008

General Conference

It was great to be able to watch conference this weekend. I really liked Elder Ballard's talk to mothers. He quoted Anna Quindlen saying how she wished she had lived in the moment more while her children were young. She said something to the effect of " Enjoy the doing, not just the getting done". This is good advice for me! Has anyone read any of her books? Now I'm interested in reading some of her work. Something else that stood out to me was in Sister Tanner's talk. She talked about miracles in our lives today and how sometimes the miracle doesn't come until the final hour, or until we are pushed to the limits of our strength. I liked her comparison to Abraham and Isaac going forward in faith without knowing Heavenly Father would rescue Isaac at the last moment. I hope I can have that same kind of faith, even when the future is uncertain.


kriston said...

Yes! Elder Ballard's talk was excellent. I really needed to hear that.

Joe and Amy said...

EmmaLee- this is Amy Dillon from highschool. Random I mom and your mom exchanged blogs. She sent me your address. I love to see your sweet family and all of the love and traditions you are creating. We have a blog as well. It's
Glad to see that all is well and happy!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

touching. you go girl.

Lari said...

I am THRILLED that you are going to try the dance studio. You are too good to be wasted in a cramped garage. You have to take some leaps to go anywhere. I know you will do GREAT things and I will be your receptionist sometimes. Love, Mama