Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rocky Point

This last weekend we went to Rocky Point with my parents, Amy & fam, Steven & fam, and Natalli. In the past we have rented a motor home, but this year brought a tent instead. My vote is for the motor home in the future. It was still really fun and the kids just lived in the water all day every day. I, of course especially enjoyed the food - mango on a stick, lime and coconut popsicles, potato tacos, shrimp and fish, and hot churros fresh out of the grease! It was nice to get away for a few days and not think about real life! While searching for sea creatures, my mom called everyone over to see her amazing find... "It's some sort of jelly fish with glitter on it, and it's alive!", she said. We hurry over to see this: a fishing lure! Keep looking, Mom!

Cousin Landon supports the wrong team. Go Cougars!


Kambria Smith said...

I'm so jel! There are quite a few beaches around here because of the D'nipro River which runs right through Kyiv and there are a lot of random lakes with beaches. While it suffices for tanning, there are naked fatties everywhere and no potato tacos & fresh lime popcicles.

I'm glad you all had a relaxing time and I can't wait to be there next time...which should probably be soon cuz it's the initiation of someone into our family and Adam hasn't been yet! haha. joke...kinda

Dick&Erica said...

We're jel too! The water looks really nice and clear. And I love the fishing lure. What a glittery octopus!

When's Amy's video of this trip coming out?

kriston said...

Looks like fun!

Sally said...

You had me at Mango on a Stick. Yum! I love the pictures, too. Your little James is like a popsicle on a stick.

Lari said...

What is so darn funny about the purple jelly fish? I think it was lovely alive or dead. I LOVE the U Vs. BYU kids! We need to make a poster of it!