Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cindy's Wedding

I was able to go to Utah for my friend Cindy's wedding in May. She was my roommate Freshman year and the two years after. She is a kindred spirit and an amazing person! I was so happy to be there for the sealing. All six of the "original" roommates were there in the temple, so it was a great experience. She was married in the Provo temple, so we got to be right there at our old college stomping grounds. I have wonderful memories of college and was so lucky to have the rommates I did! Congrats, Cindy!!!


Bitter Larry said...

Looking at those pictures gave me some severe flashbacks.


Amy said...

Awwww, look at all of you guys! How fun that you were all able to be there. I'm so sad that I missed it. Looks like good times!

BTW, it was so fun to see you and Cheryl in AZ. It was great catching up!

Dick&Erica said...

hmmm, a wedding. Sweet. How tender. I didn't really want to comment on your post, but I didn't want to be rude. I did, however, want to comment on the creepy maggot in the corner of your blog. It has a huge wiener (is that the correct term? "Penis" just sounds so crude). But really, when do you find out if it has a phallus?
(Erica says i have to clarify every time that this is Richard, in case you couldn't tell).

Heather said...

Sorry I missed you while you were here in Utah. My family and extended family happened to be in town the same weekend. I also accidently hit delete when i was meaning to hit save message on my phone so I didn't know how to get a hold of you after you called. I'm glad you had a fun time in Utah and hopefully we will have better luck next time your here or I'm in AZ!

How is the dance studio going?