Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pin curls & Peaches

Marinne wanted curly hair for church, but couldn't find the sponge curlers. I decided to go the old fashioned route and try pin curls ( I twisted her hair and then held it in with bobby pins). Not such a good idea! It reminds me of "Stars" (the dance team I was on in the 80s). We had to have a fro for every performance, the BIGGER the better!

On a more successful note, peaches were on sale at Sprouts, so Melanie and I bottled a bunch of them at her house. My food storage is seriously lacking, so I felt quite accomplished after making some effort in this area!


Shums said...

i hope you didn't try to run a brush through that mop, that's child abuse.

Melinda Pink said...

Oh my gosh that is hillarious..she looks thrilled! But that is how Beckas hair is if she doesnt put moisturizer in it or straigten it.

Peaches look Yummy. I wish I had done the same thing. Good Job!

Hey I was thinking the next lunch can be at my house then the kids can play in the preschool room. Julie would be more likely to come if it wasnt at restraunt...dont blame her. I can do chicken salad sandwiches or we can all just get take out and meet here. We'll get together on it. Later

Alan and Amy said...

I love the hair. I bought too small of curlers for Eleanor once and we had a similar look. I think you win though.
Those peaches look so good. I made a ton of peach freezer jam from the free peaches from a neighbor but I have never just bottled them like that. way to go

vinyl dreams said...

Oh man! That hair brings back some memories. I was never in starts, but it seems like we had to do that for later dance years as well. I remember having to do curls with rags. UGH!! Peaches are on sale still - I'm going to get some more & even make some jam if you want to do it with me again. Let me know!

snorkmaiden said...

Hey the left side was actuall pretty cool:). The right was a little odd though. Haha.