Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Day of Preschool

There is some unwritten law that once children reach school age, they cannot smile naturally for photos anymore. They must instead paste on a fake, awkward smile for every picture taken during their elementary school existence!

James is in his Aunt Libby's preschool (is that one word?) again this year. That means for a few hours on Mon., Wed., Fri., I have no children. I am trying to soak this up because come November I will have a newborn in need of constant attention! James was so funny about getting his picture taken on his first day of preschool. He reminded me every two minutes that morning... "Make sure you take my picture, Mom."

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Lari said...

Never forget that I have first call on tending the newborn ANYTIME you need a break. Even when I am at school! or the temple!