Monday, May 25, 2009

Brian Regan

We went with some friends to see Brian Regan last weekend! We've been fans for a while and saw him when Ray and I went to "The Late Show" a few years ago. He is hilarious without being disgusting. I highly recommend seeing him live or getting his dvds if you haven't already! I don't generally like stand up comedy, because the fact that I know they are trying to be funny makes them less funny to me, if that makes any sense. For some reason his style of humor just cracks me up, and we had a great time! In other news, James had his pre-school graduation.
We are grateful Aunt Libby let him come to her school!

Marinne had her orchestra concert, and aside from sitting in the hot sun, it was great!!


Cheryl said...

Glad you had fun at Brian Regan. We thought about going for a little while. He really is a riot!

Melinda said...

I will have to You tube him. You know I like to LAUGH! Congrats to James and Marinne..what cuties.

star valley farmers? said...

You have such a nice family. It was so fun to see all of you. I think you are wonderful!! I have actually updated my blog. take a peek

Sally said...

Did he do the Hot Pockets one? I love that one.
Hey, I thought about you just now because my MIL brought a crockpot full of roast and potatoes over last night so we'd have it for dinner today, and first of all, I steal crockpots! But mostly I thought of you because I wanted rolls to go with it, so I made some, and cut them into crescents, which I had never seen done until I met you. :) I thought of you at least twice. Have a great day!