Saturday, January 30, 2010


My baby is 14 months old! She 's getting big so fast, and it's kind of sad. She has such a fun personality, but can be pretty fiesty too! I love her sparkly red shoes!

She loves this blanket and anything silky.
"helping" with dishes
we painted her tiny toes
Brynlee is the queen of silly faces!

She says "cheese" for the camera now. She also loves to eat cheese. She has learned to say please "deese", and she answers our questions with "ya" or a disgusted "eh", which means no. The kids are all growing up too fast!


Tricia said...

Time to have another. =

Melinda said...

She is just too darn cute! I love her little faces. What a blessing to have her in your home.

La said...

Haha what a cutie patutie!

Lari said...

I just love that baby!!!!! What sweet smile!