Friday, July 2, 2010

A Bunch of Birthdays!

Marinne turned 11!  She got to spend the day with her cute cousins.  We went to lunch, and then to the mall.  She got her ears peirced and bought a bunch of clothes and accessories.  She is such a girlie-girl!Her cousin Livvy's birthday is the same day!I'm also another year older, and spent my birthday in my scout uniform running pack meeting.  I did eat some yummy chocolate cake, and Ray picked up P.F. Chang's.
Ray wrapped up our birthday month, and I made him a MUSE cake for the occasion.
Four birthdays in less than a month!  Now we get a little breather until James' birthday next month!

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La said...

Holy Cow! Happy birthday to all of you! Thats alot of cake in 1 month!