Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fabric Silhouettes

I made these silhouettes of the kids using a window frame I got at a garage sale.

Here's how:  First take a profile picture, enlarge it to the size you want, and print it. 

Cut it out, then trace it onto the paper side of Heat n Bond.

Iron that to the wrong side of your fabric.
Cut out the image.

Peel off the Heat n Bond paper and iron onto background fabric.

Frame it.  I used spray adhesive to stick the fabric in each panel, then I hot glued trim around the edges.

I paid $1.50 for the window frame, and $2 for the trim.  I had the other fabric and Heat n Bond already, so it was an inexpensive and fun project!


ME said...

Again - you're killin' me!! Too cute!

Shums said...

correct me if i'm wrong but this would be a perfect post for our new blog, Cinco Cysters. right?

get on it would ya?!

Melinda said...

Awesome! very cute

tyandlinds said...

super cute!!!

ajwhet10 said...

I love it! Also love your brilliant and darling James. It's great/sad/exciting to see your kids growing up!