Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Hodge Podge

We spent New Year's with Ray's parents and his sister Melinda and her family.  They all came from Utah to get warm, only to find unusually cold weather here.  They were here the day it snowed!  We went to Amazing Jake's, temple lights, out to eat, movies, etc., and had a great time seeing them.
My cute cousin Klydi got married the next week, so my mom, Adina and I took a short trip to Utah for the wedding.  It was a beautiful sealing and fun reception.  It was fun to hang out with my mom and sisters, and to catch up with my cousins.  It was also a nice break from the daily routine!

James was selected as student of the month.  Here he is with his awesome teacher.
Our Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa Hammond was a chance to see Shrek The Musical at Gammage.  We took the three oldest kids, and everyone loved it.

We've already packed a lot into 2011,
including a mishap with a horse (the grandson of Seattle Slew), who ran right into the front of Ray's truck! 
 It promises to be an exciting year!


Amber said...

Is James' teacher named Jackie? If so- she and Tyler were really good friends in high school. She plays the viola. 4 more weeks to my due date!

Natalli said...

oh hey, I just used almost the exact 2 pictures of Klydi's wedding in my post. haha. we must be related..

Erica said...

Ok, Richard and I are in desperate need of a detailed account of the horse/truck incident. We just don't get it! Was Ray driving through a field or something?

kris said...

Nothing like bringing in the new year like a horse hitting your truck...I still can't believe that!

kris said...

Nothing like bringing in the new year like a horse hitting your truck...I still can't believe that!

Karin said...

Only Ray would get hit by a horse! We're hoping to get out there soon.

Kambria Smith Robinson said...

in response to your book comment, these are a few of my faves, though none of them are super recent:

"The Giver" or "Anthem"(kind of the same could be our world but isn't. like the Hunger Games)

The Joy Luck Club (mother-daughter drama + cultural differences)

Les Miserables (kinda long but SOOO GOOD!)

Lord of the Flies (adventure, classic)

Bring Me a Unicorn (autobio by Lindbergh's wife...kinda simple but I loved it for some reason)

Everything is illuminated (kinda weird but set in Ukraine!)

Melinda said...

Looks like FUN! Hope to see everyone soon.

Cheryl said...

I especially love the Seattle Slew detail. Miss you!

Melinda's blog said...

I forgot that it snowed when we came to visit! Sorry for bringing so much cold UTah weather with us :) I love what you've done with your blog! Esp. the "sisterhood of the craftypants"! Awesome stuff!