Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break

 We had a fun Spring Break!  Jordan and Karin and kids came from Oregon and stayed with us.  These pictures are from the spring training game.  It was very hot that day, but we still had fun.  Throughout the week, we ate way too much good food, went to a movie, went ice blocking with more friends, went to the science museum, played many games of Catan with Jordan and Karin, and enjoyed not having to be anywhere in particular!

 watching the game with Matthew and Isabelle


kris said...

Fun times!

dasrls said...

Well I wish I could say it was hot here too! It snowed today. Cute pictures!

Melinda said...

Looking good Hammonds!

Kambria Smith Robinson said...

Where are my puppies during all this fun?!

Also, heard there was a present in the dump pail after it rained. Yikes!

dan and ashley said...

did someone photoshop kamis face on james in that bottom picture!??!