Wednesday, July 16, 2008

California Trip

We just returned from a Hammond reunion in California. All of Ray's brothers and sisters and his parents were there. We had quite the large group with 14 adults and 20 children. Somehow in posting this, the events are all out of order, but I think you get the idea. It's also divided into a few different posts, since all the pics wouldn't fit into one.
View of San Francisco from Twin Peaks We went and walked across (o.k., the kids only made it part way) the Golden Gate Bridge.

On the bridge looking up...

What would San Francisco be without a little of this?
We also went to the Exploratorium that day and attempted a six car caravan through the city for "Cooks Tour" led by Ray's dad. That night we divided the smaller children amongst the teenage cousins and left them at the hotel while we ate at Hang Ah. It's a little hole in the ground restaurant in China Town that serves delicious food!


Sally said...

The ways that I love California simply cannot be numbered. Very cool pictures. Very. I'm going there in November. I will have to take some that are comparable. :)

Cheryl Pauole said...

Glad you had fun on your trip! I love the pics (and had to laugh and the with the of the special friends together. Congrats on the little girl to be! How excited. Hope she is well enough after she comes for you to come and play at Coldplay with me!

PS I ran into your mom yesterday at the temple. It was so fun to see her. She's the best and I just love her! Sorry I missed you though!

Alan and Amy said...

You are making me miss San Francisco a little bit. It is such an amazing place to visit just not to live. The pictures with the buddies is so true. I thought it was kind of cliche until we lived there. Not So!

Kambria Smith said...

hmm...I like the idea of splitting the chiddlers amongst the teenage perfect that by the time I'm birthing, your kids will be old enough to watch them. Not that I'm saying you owe me or anything :)

Kambria Smith said...

ps I updated my blog!