Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We visited the house where Ray's family lived in Fairfield, which is also home to the Jelly Belly Factory!!! I think I had more fun than the kids! For some odd reason, I love factories and watching things be made. I blame Mr. Rogers, because I was hooked from the moment he showed the crayon factory on "Picture Picture". The Food Network show "Unwrapped" was even there filming an episode while we were there! We couldn't take pictures in the actual factory, but let me tell you, it was cool! Lots of cousins!
The Three Musketeers!
The Fam
This picture is made entirely of real Jelly Bellies!


Alan and Amy said...

This was one of our favorite day trips. I think we went about five times while we lived there for three years. I loved to see how they make the taffy candy that has the pictures of Christmas trees in the middle. I never would have thought.

Kambria Smith said...

guilty...I love factories too! My last semester at BYU Robin would come home and catch me watching "How's It's Made" ...I'm glad I have a sis who can appreciate this weird delight.