Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lion King

When Ray's parents were in town we took the whole family (except Brynlee) to Lion King.

I love how they created the animals and scenery, and the choreography is really cool. It's a wonderful production. The kids were excellent and riveted to the stage the whole time. I'm glad they had this experience because I want them to have an appreciation for the arts. James' favorite part was when Scar says, "I'm surrounded by idiots", and has repeated that line several times since. How fabulous that he could take home such a great message! The real message of the story is great:

"Remember Who You Are"

I think all of us need to be reminded of this. When we truly know who we are, we treat others better because we also know how important they are. We take on our responsibilities with a good attitude because we remember our purpose here and want to live up to our potential. I think that is the test and challenge of this life experience - to first realize who we are, and then to act accordingly. At a recent enrichment activity, a member of our stake presidency encouraged us to make sure our actions reflect our beliefs. It comes down to making our behavior consistent with our divine nature, which is much easier said than done! I think it's a life long process, and we are constantly struggling to realign what we do with what we know is right.


Melinda said...

Nice message indeed. I was invited to go see Lion King but with all going on I turned it down. I was sad because I heard it was an excellent show. I am glad your kids got to go see it...what a great family activity.

Erin said...

We went a few years ago when it was in town. I think it is one of the best productions on stage. We go next week again...this time we are taking the kids.

Lydia said...

I saw it a few years ago too. It was so cool. I loved how they portrayed all the animals. That's neat that you got to take your kids.

Johnson said...

We went a week ago and loved it! The costumes and talent was amazing. I'm glad you guys had fun.