Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Good Reminder

The other night when I couldn't sleep, I came across a talk by Neal A. Maxwell. It was a good reminder of the characteristics we should be developing.

He says,

"We are to be:

  • Meek and Humble - those who shine as lights in the world have no need to seek the spotlight! The world's spotlights are not only fleeting, but they employ inferior light!
  • Patient- not hectic, hurried, pushy.
  • Full of Love - not demanding, dominating manipulative, condescending, or harsh.
  • Gentle -not coarse.
  • Easily Entreated - not unapproachable, inaccessible, and nonlistening.
  • Long-suffering - not impatient, disinterested, curt, easily offended.
  • Submissive to God - not resistant to the Spirit, counsel, and life's lessons.
  • Temperate - not egoistic, eager for attention and recognition.
  • Merciful - not judgemental and unforgiving.
  • Gracious - not tactless, easily irritated, ungenerous.
  • Holy - not worldly."

I think I should post these words somewhere in the house, so I can remember how I should be!


Tricia said...

This is EXACTLY why I haven't been translated yet. Good List. eeks.

Melinda said...

Ya you aren't the only one EM. I think most of us have an area to work on. Thanks for reminding me....LOL

Lari said...

It sounds just like you! I mean it! Love, your mom. BUT I don't say that just because I am your mom. I would think it even if I was your teacher or your neighbor or a stranger on the street.