Sunday, October 11, 2009

Student of the Month x 2

Marinne was selected as Student of the Month for her class, and Blake was chosen out of the whole school as the P.E. Student of the Month! We are accumulating a nice collection of free kid meal certificates that we need to use!


Melinda said...

AWESOME!!! They are great kids. WOW really cool EmmaLee. You are doing a great job!

Lari said...

How could 1 grandma be so blessed?! Not only are they physically darling, they are brilliant AND they go to the school where I work so they are making me look good at work!!!!!

Alan and Amy said...

You guys are such goody goodies. This is the same school my children attend where one is failing, one is fighting and one is talking all day. I swear some kids just have it all. Could you stop showing us all up.
Actually, I love seeing you every once in a while. Even when you catch me leaving my child to wander out into traffic.