Friday, May 28, 2010

Another School Year Over!

James graduated from Kindergarten! I wasn't sure whether to start him this year or not, because he's young for his grade, but he has done so well and can read like a pro. He has started reading Magic Tree House chapter books,
and finished the first one the day after he got it.
For the graduation, the kids sang some cute songs and received a diploma and plaque.

It's been fun for these cousins to be in the same class, and they even managed to refrain from talking to eachother during class time.

Marinne received a Music Achievement Award! The fabulous music teacher, Mr. Blau, picks one student from each grade, and she was selected out of all the 5th graders.

Blake was the only student in his class to receive straight A's the entire year. We're proud of all 3 of our school kids! Now to figure out how to entertain them this summer! As I listen to "Hip Hop Harry" in the background, I'm more determined than ever to think of creative activities to occupy their time! Wii and T.V. time will definately be limited, and hopefully we can find some great things to do!


Suzanne M said...

That cant be mr blau in that picture...has he lost a lot of weight since I went to school there or is this a different mr blau?
and congrats on Blake getting all straight A's. You have awesome kids, Emmalee!

Jacob and Natalli said...

Send them all to Texas! I am not kidding. I'm so bored ALLL day.

kris said...

Congrats to all your kids, those are all great accomplishments!

Lari said...

Holy Moly what DARLING brilliant kids! I cannot believe how cute they all are!!!!!! And how smart!!!! As for Mr. Blau, yes Suzanne he has lost a lot of weight! Oh for the good old days when you all were little children. Well, actually, I am coping with empty nest syndrome better than I thought. oops this isn't my blog. hahahahaha

Kambria Smith said...

1. you and Ray look good! love the bangs

2. those hats are retarded but the kids are cute

3. come visit us!

Melinda said...

You all look so good. Love that James boy! I hope you have a great summer.

Shums said...

I couldn't stop staring at those hats! There is something odd about that tassel. I love the pic of James with the cookie... maybe I'm just jealous he gets to eat it. Oh, and isn't Hip-Hop Harry a perv?