Monday, May 17, 2010

This is what's going on at our house...

Brynlee has developed a shoe fettish, and constantly tromps around the house in everyone's shoes but her own. She's talking more and more and is as energetic as ever. I can't seem to keep her off the kitchen table! She loves pushing her baby stroller, and says "sorry" when she bumps into
someone or has to get around them. She's 18 months now, so she can start nursery!

The kids had their annual Spring Sing at school and did a great job.
James loves having cousin Canaya in his class.

Marinne got a retainer this week. It will correct her underbite. She's trying to adjust to how it feels, and its hard for her to talk clearly. I'm sure it will be worth it!

She chose hot pink with black polka dots!

For her book report on "The Lightning Thief", she made a diorama of Hades' castle in the Underworld, with Persephone's garden in front.

I think we'll be finding glitter around the house for quite some time!

The kids fell asleep watching a movie Saturday night. I can't believe how big they're getting!


RhondaLue said...

Along with the shoe thing, she picks up miscellaneous keys and takes them elsewhere. (Remember? haha) ;) What a cutie!

Super work for the book report. That looks so cool!

Melinda said...

They are getting big! They are such good kids. Love Marinne's retainer colors! That Brinley is sure a cutie.

Jacob and Natalli said...

A) I had the same fettish and ended up breaking Steven's toes or something?
B) I miss making dioramas. I still get super excited whenever a teacher mentions a "project". It usually just means a paper or power point :(

Bitter Larry said...

They must have been tired since they slept even with a little boy bugging them to play.

Kambria Smith said...

1. LOVED trying on mom's high heels at that age.
2. it WILL be worth it, Marinne, and if you want I can give you some drills to get rid or your newly acquired lisp.
3. Nice 'shrooms

Shums said...

I wish I lived in persiphone's garden.

Merilee said...

You have such beautiful children, Emmalee. Brynlee is so cute in those high heels! I have the same dress for Ashilene.:)

Marinne said...

ok kami...great! what can I do?