Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brynlee is growing up too fast! She is my buddy all day while the other kids are at school.

Here she is at the D Backs game.

Her attention span is increasing, so she will sit and color or do an activity for a while, which is nice for me! This girl has so many funny faces. She is quite the little actress, and will show faces for every emotion we name.

In this picture she had painted her own toe nails, legs, and hands.
 She also loves lip gloss, and gets into it on a regular basis. Her favorite song is "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam", and we have to sing it at EVERY Family Home Evening, and sometimes just when we read scriptures. She knows how to sort the silverware and put it away. I'm amazed every day at the new things she says. She is speaking in sentences, and has the silliest laugh.

She is keeping me BUSY, and entertains the whole family! What a fun girl! I'm so glad to be home with her every day to watch her learn and grow.

In other news, my sisters and I made a little blog for crafty stuff, recipes, ideas, etc. Here is the link: Sisterhood of the Crafty Pants


Captain and First Officer said...

The blog looks fun! I'll have to keep checking back.

Tricia said...

How cute. Despite my moaning about sending everyone back to school, I'm actually enjoying just having the twins right now. I had to bring myself back down to toddler level and realize I'm not pointless-- and it's good.

Cheryl said...

Cougie, Cougie, Cougie! How cute she is! She is really starting to look a lot more like Marinne to me. Also, I had fun looking at your craft blog. How cute you girls are. So sorry I had mo miss lunch the other day. I wish I could have come, but oh well. Hope you all had fun!

Amber said...

Marilla made the pumpkins, which she saw on Holly Brimhall's (the girl who submitted to u-create)personal blog. Thanks for directing me to a fun new blog. I made your wreath from the crafty pants blog. It turned out super cute!