Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mamacita's Birthday!

My mom is the best mom ever, and it's her birthday today!
 I am lucky to be her daughter!
 We celebrated on Sunday, since she had surgery the day before her birthday (poor lady)!
 She does so much for our family, and we appreciate her so much!

I made a Mary Engelbreit cake for the occasion!


Melinda said...

Happy B-day to Aunt Lari! You are lucky to have such an awesome mom.

Sally said...

Just seeing your mom's face makes me smile. :) Happy Birthday to her!

David, Melissa, and kids said...

Your mom is definately awesome!

RhondaLue said...

Happy Bday to her! Your momma is the best! :)

Lari said...

THANKS EMMALEE!!!!! I could never have asked for a better first child. You are a delight and peaceful joy to me. It really was a wonderful birthday, breakfast in bed, lying around all day with people waiting on me (even though I had to be in the hospital to do it!)