Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Pays to Get Good Grades!

Marinne and Blake both got straight A's on their report cards, which means we got


FREE doughnuts

from Krispy Kreme! They give a free doughnut for each A when you show

them the report card!

I'm grateful Marinne and Blake do so well in school!

Thanks kids!


Lydia said...

Way to go guys!!!! I'm proud of you!!! I wish I had a couple of kids to get me some donuts!

Melinda said...

I wish we lived closer to Krispy Kremes. Way to go kids!!!

Heather said...

That's awesome! Good Job Marinne and Blake!

Flwrgirl said...

Lucky! I love Krispy Kreme.


Cheryl said...

Did not know! Thanks for the tip. We are going to start cashing in on that! I just love Krispy Kreme! It just doesn't get better than that.